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Japanese Club

Purpose and Services

The Japanese Club serves as cultural exchange club. It provides a social environment for both Japanese Exchange Students and Non-Japanese Students. In regards to Japanese Exchange Students, it provides them the opportunity to meet with other Japanese Students, while also getting a chance to speak with Non-Japanese Students in a casual environment. This is also viewed as an opportunity for them to integrate more easily into the school and the country as they can socialize more freely in a non-class/non-professional environment. In regards to the Non-Japanese Students, this gives them an opportunity to have exposure to the Japanese Culture and the Japanese Language. This would allow them to engage in learning about Japan while also making connections with students within the club. To summarize, Japanese Club's goal is to provide an environment where all students can socialize and connect under the theme of Japanese culture.

To provide interactive meetings that engage members in connecting/socializing with one another. To encourage members to become more open-minded to Japanese Culture. To encourage members to become active in the school activity's. To provide themes within meetings that display Japanese Culture in an engaging/interesting perspective. To allow students to exercise leadership skills and social skills.

Meeting Information

The Japanese Club general meetings are scheduled to meet biweekly on Monday at 3 pm in A 210.

For more information, please contact TBD.

Club Officers and Advisor(s)

  • President: Nadya Sutandy
  • Clerk: Vivianne Saldana
  • I4C Representative: Sam Kim
  • Public Relations: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Umi Todoroki
  • Advisor(s): Mika Sawada