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Financial Finesse Club

Purpose and Services

The purpose of the Club is to inspire a finesse for investing: to create a scene that promotes financial literacy where driven students unite to explore the markets, develop strategies, and achieve goals, ultimately aligning ambition with altruism.

Overall, with each meeting, this Club intends to help students become more conscious about the way the manage their finances. Some examples may include educating students about they way they invest with not just their money, but their time and energy as well. Practical applications may include discussion regarding the way people choose to finance cars, housing, and insurance. By nature, with the way meetings are run, this Club facilitates leadership development and cooperation between Officers and the Advisor.

Meeting Information

The Financial Finesse Club general meetings are scheduled to meet biweekly on Wednesday at 1 pm in CEC 2.

For more information, please contact TBD.

Club Officers and Advisor(s)

  • President: Mansour Lawand
  • Clerk: Jewel Chu
  • I4C Representative: Eric Otuvaka
  • Public Relations: Zan Malik
  • Treasurer: Ahmet Turunc
  • Advisor(s): Mark Collinson