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Christian Students Club

Purpose and Services

The Christian club is committed to bring people together having the bible as our center and reality. We are open to believers and nonbelievers who are looking to see what a christian life is like. We have one big group bible study and we also have small groups. This club is open for everyone who is open to go in depth what is in the bible.

Our club will help students have the knowledge what the bible really means. It will bring awareness to those who are lost and needs to be found. Many students are looking to know what their life means and the bible is where you find how everything is in this world.

Meeting Information

The Christian Students general meetings are scheduled to meet weekly on Monday at 2 pm in 2/24/2020.

For more information, please contact TBD.

Club Officers and Advisor(s)

  • President: Ryan Ren
  • Clerk: Anna Bellingham
  • I4C Representative: Esther Watson
  • Public Relations: Britney Fernandez
  • Treasurer: Matthew Birchler
  • Advisor(s): Jason Garey