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How to Start a Club/Co-Curricular Program

Steps to Start a Club

  1. Fill out the online Club Renewal and Registration form
  2. Find an advisor for the club.
  3. Obtain approval of the club by the ICC and the Director of the Offices of Student Life and Student Equity (ASIVC advisor).
  4. Submit a written constitution for the club to ASIVC for documentation, review, and approval.
  5. Review the ASIVC constitution and bylaws and the codes and standards for clubs and organizations to ensure adherence to club guidelines.

Establishing a Co-Curricular Program

Per the ASIVC constitution and bylaws, co-curricular programs are those the college recognizes as official programs. This includes: Administration of Justice; Athletics; Forensics; Journalism; Music; Psychology; and any other new program which the Academic Senate deems to be an official program by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote, and the college recognizes as official (through the Office of Instruction). Co-curricular programs have a tie to instruction and must be of a competitive nature in their area of instruction. Competitions, which do not include inter-murals, must be officially recognized and compete with other officially recognized schools on IVC’s behalf. Enrollment in a course related to the program is required.

Reference: ASIVC constitution and bylaws